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Terms and Conditions


Rates are valid only for Indian Nationals. If you have any other nationality please contact our support team for assistance.

All rates provided in the website are exclusive of air/train/bus fare unless it is exclusively mentioned.

VISIIT reserves the right to alter the tour plan or terminate the tour itself at any time at its own discretion and without any prior notice. VISIIT would not be liable for any damages caused to the customer due to the above mentioned action.

VISIIT reserves the right to modify the price offered at any time at its own discretion and without any prior notice.

If there are any issues due to natural calamity, bad weather, local strike / bandh, labour unrest or any other reason beyond the control of VISIIT because of which the tour cannot be continued, the company will not compensate or refund the cost. It will help to extend or reschedule the tour where the additional cost, cancellation charges etc should be borne by the customer.

VISIIT is not responsible for the quality of any service providers like hotels, transport, guide etc. For example, the transporters are responsible for travel delays, quality & cleanliness of the vehicle etc while the hotels are responsible for quality of room, amenities provided and problems in hospitality.

VISIIT is only a tour operator and at no time shall VISIIT be held responsible for any acts of misdemeanor, omission, misbehavior, damage and personal affairs of its customers. For example, VISIIT shall not be held responsible for ensuring the safety of your personal belongings, travel documents, etc. at any time before, during or after the holiday. VISIIT is not responsible for any damages done to the property and any reclamation due to that.

The above said policies, terms & conditions govern the entire tour operations unless specifically agreed by the company in a written agreement. Our Agents or employees have NO authority to alter or remove any of these conditions. Customers are advised to rely on the term & conditions ‘as it is’. VISIIT reserves all the rights to change or modify these ‘Terms & Conditions’ at any time without notice and implement the same.

Hotel and Meal Plan

While check-in the hotel will demand passport, in case of an international travel. In case of a domestic travel, the identification proofs that are accepted normally are Driving License, Voters Card, Passport, and Ration Card. PAN Cards may not be accepted as a valid ID card. Any other documents, if needed by hotel, should be carried by passenger.

Standard hotel check-in time is from 1400 hours to 1600 hours and check out 10.00 am to 12.00 hours. This may differ in some hotels. It is customers’ responsibility to collect the details before travel.

Extra bed, if booked, would be provided with a folding cot or a mattress as an extra bed or in any other format which is at sole discretion of the hotel. VISIIT doesn’t interfere in the norms of any hotel booked through it.

International hotels breakfast timings are between 6:30 am-10:00 am.

Below given are the elaboration of meal plan provided in the tour plan.

    AP- American Plan

  • American Plan or AP means that the quoted hotel tariff includes all 3 meals i.e. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. In Europe, the American Plan is also referred to as Full Pension or Full Board Plan.
  • MAP- Modified American Plan

  • Modified American Plan or MAP means quoted rates include two meals a day, namely breakfast and either lunch or dinner. In Europe, the Modified American Plan is also referred to as Half Pension or Half Board Plan.
  • CP- Continental Plan

  • Under Continental or CP Meal Plan, room rent and complimentary free breakfast are included in the tariff.
  • EP- European Plan

  • European Plan or EP will mostly have the lowest tariff in a rate card simply because it includes only room rent and no meals.

Food would be served as per the Meals plan provided in the tour plan. The way it is served, the type of cuisine, number of items in the meal, the quality of food and the timing in which it is served depends on the hotel or service provider. It is sole responsibility of the customer to enquire all these details from the hotel or the service provider.

VISIIT doesn’t guarantee the precision of any service delivery committed as part of the tour package. For example, visual appeal of the hotel rooms provided in our website can be guaranteed.

Passport, Visa and Immigration

Visa as well as immigration clearance would be granted or rejected which is in the sole discretion of the concerned sovereign governments. VISIIT is not in any way responsible for delay, denial or other related act/omission or for any loss, expense, damage or cost resulting there from. If tour booking is cancelled by customer due to non-availability of travel documents all the respective cancellation rules would be applied. All cost incurred would be borne by the customer himself.

VISIIT will not advice Visa-On-Arrival as it creates lot of uncertainty and also waste lot of time after visiting the destination which may be frustrating at times.

Customers are responsible to hold valid travel documents like passports, visas and other statutory clearances like immigration, to enable you to travel on the tour hassle free.

Any time delays in immigration or checking by local authorities or any statutory requirements, VISIIT would not be responsible for any such acts.

The passport should be valid for minimum 6 months from the date of travel. For countries like Malaysia it is 9 months. It is responsibility of the customer to take cognizance of this fact.

Local Transportation

Local Transportation will be by ‘seat-in-coach basis’, all we mean is that a comfortable van / bus/ coach will be provided to you depending upon the total number of arrivals. Please note we will be clubbing passengers arriving around similar time and dropping at various hotels. In case you don't approve of the same, we recommend you to book a private vehicle at a supplement cost.

In case the promised travel arrangement is not provided by VISIIT's employees or agents, we will compensate you up to the limit of the cost of such arrangements.

VISIIT doesn’t guarantee the precision of any service delivery committed as part of the tour package. For example, visual appeal bus or any vehicles as provided in our website can be guaranteed.

A/c buses in Hill stations cannot be guaranteed even if it is mentioned in the tour plan. As a practice the rates are calculated for Non A/C buses only. Hence no refund would be provided in this regard.

Interruptions cause due to any delays by transport service provider or break downs in between the trips or delays due to traffic , VISIIT would neither re-do the itinerary or refund the respective amount for that activity missed . VISIIT may or may not help in covering the itinerary again. Any cost incurred for covering the itinerary should be borne by the client.

Payment Policy

VISIIT is not holding any confirmed hotel reservations for your travel and is subject to availability at the time of booking. The quotation might change based on actual availability of the service.

Cost of the services would change from time to time. Customer would be charged based on the rates available in that day. A package booked in offer price when modified after the offer end date or date not within the scope offer would not be done in the offer price.

VISIIT will inform you of any change in prices after your confirmation and proceeded with booking. Cost will not be refunded for any unutilized services.

Festival, special occasion, weekend or other surcharges may be applicable over and above the package cost for the requested period. VISIIT will inform you of such costs at the time of booking or before confirming the package. Sometimes this may be informed by the service provider after booking the package.

Customer need to make an advance payment as per the specific package terms at the time of confirming the tour and make the balance payment as per the payment conditions of the package.

In the event the client cancelling the booking or in the event the visa of any country is not granted OR unable to travel on the tour booked by the client due to any reasons including medical grounds or sickness, the cancellation fee would be applicable.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

In the event of cancellation of tour packages already booked ,here is our Cancellation & Refund Policy which applies to Tour Participants.

  • Cancellation request after confirming the services should be in the written notification sent through post or visiting the VISIIT office in person or Email to support@visiit.com or email to any of the VISIIT representative copying support@visiit.com from the person booked or from any one member of the group, is the only acceptable way for carrying out cancellation. If there is conflicting opinions in cancelling the tour, then VISIIT will not cancel the tour. VISIIT would not be responsible for delays or not receiving the written notification or email in this regard.
  • All costs incurred due to cancellation will be borne by the customer himself.
  • For any change in the travel date, accommodation planned, local transportation or change of any type in the travel arrangements should be in the written notification sent through post or visiting the VISIIT office in person or Email to support@visiit.com or email to any of the VISIIT representative copying support@visiit.com from the person booked or from any one member of the group.
  • All costs incurred due to amendment of any of the above issues, will be borne by the individual himself.
  • VISIIT reserves the right to change/modify or cancel your travel arrangements at any point of time.
  • If VISIIT is not able to provide the booked travel arrangements, the liability in all cases shall be limited to the costs of your travel arrangements.
  • In case the travel arrangements are affected by bad weather conditions or other unforeseeable circumstances, VISIIT will try its best to provide alternate dates for the package, before start date of the package. Any cost included due to this alteration would be borne by the client.
  • Cancellation charges for various tours are different and depend upon the region of travel like Asia or Europe. Hence we request Guest to go through the cancellation policies of each package they book and travel for. In general the cancellation policies for

30 days before start date of the package

98% of the package price (100% in case of payment made being cash) is refundable on top of any cancellation charges due to bookings already made.

30-20 days before start date of the package

60% of the package price is refundable. If there are any charges incurred which is more than the deducted amount, then it will also be reduced from the refundable amount.

20-10 days before start date of the package

30% of the package price is refundable. If there are any charges incurred which is more than the deducted amount, then it will also be reduced from the refundable amount.

10-0 days before start date of the package

Entire price of the package would not be refunded.

The above mentioned policy is for a group less than 5. The percentage of refund may further be less in case of a larger group and some special arrangement is already made. All the supplier penalties need to be borne by the customer.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

In the event of cancellation of tour packages already booked, here is our Cancellation & Refund Policy which applies to Tour Participants.

We book services in advance and are bound to honor the payment commitments to service providers. The cancellation of services earmarked for a particular departure results in the Company losing money depending upon the time of communication of cancellation to the supplier. Therefore any cancellation of tour booking will attract cancellation charges as specified by the Company.

The Tour participant must intimate in writing the reason for cancellation. The computation of the period of notice of cancellation shall commence only from the time the written request reaches us during office hours.

Number of days before departure Amount of Cancellation charges

More than 28 Days Deposit (if any) collected or any non refundable component in the package
27-14 Days 50% of the Tour Cost
13-07 Days 75% of the Tour Cost
06 Days or less 100% of the Tour Cost

The Company reserves the right to determine the quantum of refund payable in case of cancellation of a Tour. Such refund would be based on various factors like the number of participants, the cancellation policies of others involved like hoteliers, coach operators and the like. The decision of the Company on the quantum of refund shall be final and binding on the Tour Participants.

If the Company exercises its discretion to alter, amend or cancel any tour advertised, the Tour Participant who has registered for it may continue with the tour as altered or amended, or accept any alternate tour which the Company may offer. The Company shall not be liable for any compensation, damage, additional expense or consequential loss suffered by him/her or to pay any amount as refund to the Tour Participant.

If a Tour payment was made in Foreign Currency if any, with or without part payment in Indian Rupees the said refund shall be made only in Indian Rupees at prevailing rate on date of refund or at the time of booking whichever is minimum as per existing Rules and Regulations.

Refund (if any) for amendments and/or cancellation will be paid to the account from which the payment received by the company. It would take 15 - 30 days to process refund.

There shall be no refund if the Tour Participant fails to join the Group at the commencement of the Tour, or joins the Group late or leaves the Group before culmination of the Tour. If the Tour Participant along with his family is compelled to discontinue the tour due to any reason such as illness, death, loss of passport, no claim shall be entertained for refund of unutilized services.There shall be no refund if the Tour Participants does not or cannot utilize any service included in the cost of tour, this could be meals, rooms, excursions and the like. No refund will be made for lost, mislaid or destroyed travel tickets or vouchers.

Privacy Policy

The idea of this policy is to educate the user as to what personal information is being captured by us and where the same is being used. It describes the principles and practices that apply to Personal Information (defined below) collected from users of our services (“you”) on our Site, in telephone or e-mail communications, or in interviews, surveys, contests and so on.

We will not collect Personal Information without your knowledge and permission.
We will not knowingly disclose your Personal Information to third parties, except as provided in this Privacy Policy.

For unregistered users

If you do not register, then the information we collect from you is limited.
We log your IP address in order to help diagnose problems with our server, administer our Web site and track usage statistics.

Registered Users

Registered users can purchase / book our services online.
If you register with us, we will collect the necessary personal information from you in addition to the non-personal information described above. That personal information may include your name, email address, mailing address, telephone number, travel preferences, passport number, user name and password. The information we collect may vary, but we only collect the information that you manually enter into our forms.


We also place a small file known as a “cookie“ on your computer’s hard drive. A cookie may contain information that allows us to track your path through our Web site and to determine whether you have visited us before. However, unless you register with us, it contains no personally identifiable information that would allow us to identify you. They can’t be used to read data off of your hard drive, and cannot retrieve information from any other cookies created by other Web sites. We use cookies to understand how visitors use our site, and to help us to improve our site.

When you Purchase Products or Services for a third party

When you Purchase Products or Services for a third party using your Member ID and password, we will collect that third party’s name and contact information, and other information as required by the travel service provider(s), so that we can complete the booking.


We may also use your contact information to periodically contact you with news, offers or important information or to request your feedback on our site. You may opt-out of any or all marketing communications in any commercial e-mail we send or at any time.

Disclosure of your personal information

We do not sell or rent any personal information to any third party. We may share your personal information with third-parties specifically engaged by us to provide services such as Airlines, Hotels, Product Companies and advertising agencies, in which case we will require those parties to agree to use any such personally-identifiable data solely for the purpose of providing the specified services to you.

We may also use the information to provide details to government agencies like RBI, Banks etc as per the laws of the country. We also may share your information in connection with a corporate transaction, such as a divestiture, merger, consolidation, or asset sale, and in the unlikely event of bankruptcy.

Steps we take to protect your personal information

We have implemented security procedures to help protect the personal information stored in our systems. For example, we limit access to personal information about you to employees who we believe reasonably need to come into contact with that information.

Your Personal Information will be stored in secured locations, and on servers controlled by us, located either at our offices, or at the offices of our service providers.

Third Parties

Rarely third parties advertise on our site. We do not share any Personal Information about you with these advertisers unless you give us permission to do so,

When you click on one of these advertisers links, you are leaving our site and entering another site. We are not responsible for any kind of actions or impacts or whatsoever that happens in the third party sites.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this policy should we deem it advisable to do so. If we make material changes that will affect personal information we have already collected from you, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you of the changes and to give you the opportunity to amend or cancel your registration.

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