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Place : Kuala Lumpur, Genting HighLand, B..
Hotels : Hotel Arena star

Place : Genting HighLand, Batu caves
Hotels : Hotel Arena star

Place : Desert Safari Dubai
Hotels : Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai

Place : City Tour Of Singapore
Hotels : Moon 23 Hotel

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Dutch..
Hotels : Devan Hotel, Rani Beach Resort, L..

Place : Batu caves
Hotels : Hotel Arena star

Place : City tour of Bangkok, PATTAYA BEA..
Hotels : Hotel De Bangkok, The Seasons Pat..

Place : Burj Al Arab, Dubai Museum
Hotels : Fortune Pearl Hotel

Offer zone

Place : cellular Jail, Ross Island
Hotels : Western Park Hotel

Place : The Red Fort, Ram Niwas Garden, T..
Hotels : Vesta International, utkarsh vila..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Bloomfield Hotel

Place : Coaker's Walk, Vattakkanal Falls,..
Hotels : La Flora Highland Paradise

Place : Havelock Jetty, Radhanagar Beach,..
Hotels : Hotel Galaxy

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