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  • 10 Nights / 11 Days

  • The Best of Italy and France

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4.5/ 5

Loved it!

Not just great views but just a spectacular sight in itself. The different levels all offer something new and interesting to see and experience.

watersidebreaks ,Ascot, United Kingdom  on 18 Jan 2017 5:35 AM

Strike means no access to the tower

The day we went there was a strike so no access to the tower. Be prepared for security checks includin bag and body. If you have kids under 10 cRoss the river for a playground that offers excellent... Read Full Review

MoshieMo ,null  on 18 Jan 2017 5:11 AM

Large and gorgeous

I've been there in February 2016 in my first trip to Paris. The tower is absolutely enormous. Looking forward to coming back here at night.

nttvy ,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  on 18 Jan 2017 4:54 AM

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