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  • 7 Nights / 8 Days

  • Soothing srilanka

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4.0/ 5

Temple and Palace Complex

This is both a temple and a royal palace. We walked along the long promenade leading to the complex. The Kandyan kings built the complex in the 15th century. It is not at all large or grand the way... Read Full Review

LZSeaCliff ,Long Island, New York  on 17 Feb 2017 4:48 AM

Great Experience

Hi Im actually a Sri Lankan who thought of writing a review after reading the reviews written on Dalada Maligawa. Do some research about the history of the sacred tooth relic and Dalada Maligawa... Read Full Review

Dhamitha P ,Colombo, Sri Lanka  on 17 Feb 2017 0:43 AM

Cool evening ceremony

Lots of people herded through the temple but somehow retained its spiritual feeling. The evening ceremony is interesting. Lots of offerings and people praying.

socratespdx ,Canby, Oregon  on 16 Feb 2017 18:33 PM

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