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  • 5 Nights / 6 Days

  • Snow of Kashmir

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4.0/ 5

A garden like never seen before

If you are in Srinagar, you must visit Mugal Gardens, Shalimar and Nishaat. The wonderful flowers all over will make your day and you will feel like writing a review like me for the benefit of other... Read Full Review

DEEPAK M ,null  on 19 May 2017 23:38 PM

best mughal garden

This is best mughal garden in srinagar & therefore must not be missed. It has lot of fountains & greenery. It is also nice picnic spot 7 best when you are with kids. The water flowing channels can be... Read Full Review

vivek1908 ,Patiala, India  on 17 May 2017 2:47 AM

Nice terraced Mughal Garden

Landscape Gardening of Mughal Era. Beautiful Garden located by the side Dal lake.Have a nice Sunset view from the garden.Good ambience.You can click photos wearing traditional Kasmiri attire... Read Full Review

_monikarna_gogoi ,Guwahati, India  on 16 May 2017 5:37 AM

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