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  • 4 Nights / 5 Days

  • Simply Thailand honeymoon

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4.0/ 5

Day trip, best with family and kids

We booked through our tour guide who charged THB 1500 per person ( inclusive of entry fee, lunch buffet, guide and hotel to n fro transfer in shared Toyota commuter minivan ). The price is... Read Full Review

umeshbirole ,null  on 21 Jul 2017 1:36 AM

Family place especially with kids

the youngones in the family will really love this place, a full day affair and you will be exhausted when you will come back. buy tickets through agents it is cheaper

DrRahulModi ,Gorakhpur, India  on 20 Jul 2017 6:19 AM

Amazing place to see wild animals

I visited this Safari World twice. Liked it. Just didn't have enough time to see all animal shows. There is no space to see the show if you come late, quite crowded. The restaurant needs to improve... Read Full Review

offroadvietnammotor ,Hanoi  on 20 Jul 2017 4:39 AM

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