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  • 3 Nights / 4 Days

  • Simply Darjeeling

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Based on 1208 Reviews

4.0/ 5

Must visit atleast once in a lifetime

A must visit place to watch the sunrise on Mt Everest & Kanchenjunga. You need to reach the tiger hill early in the morning to enjoy the show. If you are going during winter be prepared with the warm... Read Full Review

BornToWander1960 ,null  on 11 Jan 2017 5:32 AM

Great Place to visit

I went to Tiger Hill in January and it was extremely cold and you do need to bring winter clothes to do this attraction in Winter,I bought thermal vest and long sleeve tee shirt and cardigan and... Read Full Review

nestcottage ,Colchester, United Kingdom  on 11 Jan 2017 5:28 AM

Should visit this Place

Visited third time. Definitely keep all warm clothes during visit this place. But the arrangement for the tourists were very poor. Toilets were not a state to use. Be aware about that.... Read Full Review

MSMorshed ,Dhaka City, Bangladesh  on 08 Jan 2017 23:23 PM

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