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  • 6 Nights / 7 Days

  • Shimla - Manali - Amritsar

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4.5/ 5

Must Visit

The Musuem is good place to visit. But the Vicinity is great post 6 PM to visit. You wont get bored for atleast 5 hours :) time nice spent. Enjoy a glass of Lasssi or two. and shopping.

Mitez ,Mumbai (Bombay), India  on 23 May 2017 4:19 AM

Tragedy revisited

You walk along the narrow alley leading to the main area and your sensors are up thinking how would people evacuate in case of emergency. As Indians we have all learnt about the massacre and visiting... Read Full Review

sayitas ,Mumbai (Bombay), India  on 22 May 2017 6:49 AM

The marks of pain, & horror are still on the walls...

The place itself is in the middle of a very busy street. but once you enter the gates the gardens are beautifully kept. Its a place to go to see the horror that happened which took the lives of... Read Full Review

JaniceSimson ,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  on 22 May 2017 0:30 AM

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