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4.5/ 5

Christmas Market

This Christmas Market in the centre of Berlin with the church as a back drop was the best we went to. Lots of stalls to wander around, many traditional foods for sale or to eat and just a wonderful... Read Full Review

Mistyb1302 ,Dursley, United Kingdom  on 26 Nov 2016 14:24 PM

Stunning old church

This church is stunning and the art work on the ceilings is beautiful- well woth a visit if you are un the area!

EM1Scotland ,Glasgow, United Kingdom  on 25 Nov 2016 21:58 PM

"well preserved" memorial

Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche Greatly damaged during WWII, yet the Germans decided not to renovate it. Why? Because they want people to remember the catastrophic effects of WAR.

ladyteex ,Hong Kong, China  on 24 Nov 2016 23:43 PM

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