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  • 4 Nights / 5 Days

  • Pattaya and Bangkok

TripAdvisor Traveller Rating
Based on 398 Reviews

5.0/ 5

Great day out

Went for a half day tour and a great way to tick off few things off the list. Starts with boat ride to the floating market (actual boat ride within the market is extra around 150 baht per person on... Read Full Review

1981_OZ ,null  on 01 Dec 2016 6:39 AM

Extraordinary Elephant Experience Not What Expected

They say hindsight is 20/20, and that's how I felt about this experience. After reading all of the reviews about this tour company and the tour itself, I decided to book it. At 10000 baht, I expected... Read Full Review

kzim1112 ,Washington, D.C.  on 29 Nov 2016 11:06 AM

A day I will remember forever!

As a first time traveller to Thailand, it was important for my boyfriend and I to really dive in the culture. This tour really was the pinnacle moment in our trip. Our tour guide Marley (which I... Read Full Review

Raquel R ,null  on 28 Nov 2016 2:21 AM

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