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  • 2 Nights / 3 Days

  • Ooty Honeymoon

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4.0/ 5

visit to Pykara Lake

One of the best clean spots to visit while on a visit to Ooty. Especially the boat trip around the Lake will give an impression as if one is in any European Country.

ckgupta ,Bengaluru, India  on 23 Feb 2017 0:35 AM

Beautiful Lake

This is a must visit place when you are in Ooty. It was wonderful experience to ride in Pykara with wife on the Wedding Anniversary. I have hired 8 seater Motor Boat for Rs. 800 for 20 minutes. The... Read Full Review

Himanshu O ,Bikaner, India  on 18 Feb 2017 2:32 AM

A Manmade Lake With Natural Beauty

This huge lake has been formed by a dam on the river Pykara and the greens of the shore vegetation merges with the browns of the stony edges of the lake to provide a wealth of natural beauty which is... Read Full Review

Sachmach ,Bengaluru, India  on 16 Feb 2017 1:13 AM

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