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  • 2 Nights / 3 Days

  • Nature Wayanad- Planet Green Resort

TripAdvisor Traveller Rating
Based on 993 Reviews

4.0/ 5

Just average

Reaching the top requires a little bit of efforts in climbing the trek. Not advisable for seniors and one having difficulty in stressful walking/climbing. The caves are set in two levels. The one at... Read Full Review

Priyank_chhabra ,Navi Mumbai, India  on 14 Jul 2017 10:14 AM

Climb high to see the history

The climb is a bit tough one but manageable . At the top you can see the cave with lots of engravings ( few drawings of some animals and some scripts too) . A guide over there told that its around... Read Full Review

Emil_Antony ,Kochi (Cochin), India  on 12 Jul 2017 9:40 AM

Awesome Trek

Good for those who loves trekking. Beautiful forest. more than 200 steps to climb. you can enjoy some fruits also on the way to cave. we enjoyed this trek !

Samidha222 ,Maharashtra, India  on 12 Jul 2017 7:50 AM

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