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  • 9 Nights / 10 Days

  • Magical Kashmir

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4.0/ 5

In love with fountains here.

We had a Garden day and were visiting gardens after garden on the same day however still this one made an impression on me especially the fountains. Well maintained and beautiful.

Milind G ,null  on 18 Apr 2017 5:19 AM


Beautiful mughal garden do miss this place. Also shalimar garden is worth visiting very near . Have some tea and pakoda out side market.

Karan K ,New Delhi, India  on 17 Apr 2017 9:20 AM


Since we went in april second week where there is not a season for apples and walnut gardens we could not see much in nishat garden though only very few flowers decorated in chinar leaf pattern... Read Full Review

674santha ,Chennai (Madras), India  on 16 Apr 2017 4:24 AM

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