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  • 3 Nights / 4 Days

  • Langkawi Delights

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Based on 703 Reviews

3.5/ 5

Iconic Place

You will find this amazing attraction at Kuah Jetty point. It’s a local and foreign main tourist attraction in Kuah. Great photo location for an iconic moment in your visit. Plenty of food, transport... Read Full Review

amila7777 ,Colombo, Sri Lanka  on 12 Oct 2016 9:34 AM

The eagle was very imposing!

Was there in the morning, and not much people around. Noted that there were some renovations on-going. As the sun was at the back of the eagle, the photography did not turn out good. Perhaps a better... Read Full Review

Andy_C99 ,Singapore, Singapore  on 09 Oct 2016 22:29 PM

Landmark of Langkawi

A must visit place when u are in Langkawi. Huge Eagle statue in the popular area of Kuah. Nice place for photo shooting, and enjoy the sea view

91purple ,Sarawak, Malaysia  on 07 Oct 2016 3:24 AM

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