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  • 3 Nights / 4 Days

  • Incredible Andaman Honeymoon Special

TripAdvisor Traveller Rating
Based on 2858 Reviews

4.5/ 5

Simply beautiful!!

9 kms away from Havelock town. Can hire a two wheeler n drive to the beach. The road towards the beach is hilly and r surrounded by big trees and its really enjoyable. The road is getting repaired... Read Full Review

cdmy ,Siliguri, India  on 17 Apr 2017 13:19 PM

One of the best beach I have visited in life.

This beach is really miracle. You will stunned after seeing the beauty of this beach. White sand with crystal clear water and high rising tides and shallow water are its beauty. You will enjoy... Read Full Review

Raj S ,null  on 17 Apr 2017 7:15 AM

Peaceful! Tranquil !

This is one of the best beaches I have been to. It is fabulous/ smooth sand - very safe. No sudden drops or rocks etc. Walk a little left or right to avoid commercial people - but it is still quite... Read Full Review

ParagK85 ,Pune, India  on 17 Apr 2017 2:50 AM

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