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  • 5 Nights / 6 Days

  • Golden Triangle Trip

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4.5/ 5

Nice place

Heard a lot about this place and visited it for the first time. It was a good place and but the place was stuffed with people. It was very crowded. But the place around india gate was very good.

Jordan N ,null  on 23 Jan 2017 6:18 AM

Symbol of New Delhi

Indo-Islamic architectural marvel. Begun in 12th century and highlighting a 234 foot tall tower. Surrounded by tombs and featuring a great variety of unique details.

retriredteacher ,New Jersey  on 22 Jan 2017 14:48 PM

enjoyable trip

we are going to qutab minar the qutab is historical place and it is very good the atmosphere is can't express the words

 ,null  on 22 Jan 2017 14:04 PM

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