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  • 4 Nights / 5 Days

  • Gleeful Rajasthan

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4.0/ 5

Unique temple

Temple is worth watching..its artitecture is similar to kharaho temple..the idols inside r beautiful n quite old..surprisingly u come to know that the actual lord krishna idol worshipped by Mira is... Read Full Review

Deepesh G ,null  on 14 Aug 2017 7:44 AM

Awesome place

Very nice place nd what an architecture loved it. Every 1 enjoyed there kids nd old age persons too lovely place to see

jayantpaliwal ,null  on 12 Aug 2017 17:10 PM

Hindu temple

Old Hindu temple where local people go and pray. Try to visit in the morning when Hindu ceremonies were being performed.

MANISH K ,null  on 12 Aug 2017 4:50 AM

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