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  • 6 Nights / 7 Days

  • Fantastic France

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4.5/ 5

Eiffel Tower on strike...

Following our visit in December, and my previous review, I can now say that it took the intervention of Amex and 14 weeks before I got my refund! Distinctly unimpressed.... :( Read Full Review

tonymaris ,Spalding, United Kingdom  on 16 May 2017 18:42 PM

A must see!

You can't go to Paris without seeing the tower. We bought our tickets online in advance and we were able to go up the tower at our designated time with now wait. Those without tickets have to stand... Read Full Review

BradBrandt ,Houston, Texas  on 16 May 2017 18:26 PM

Spectacular day and night

It is hard to imagine that this engineering marvel built for the 1889 World Expo was only permitted to remain until 1909! It is a stunning structure both during the day and at night. We haven't... Read Full Review

David R ,Melbourne, Australia  on 16 May 2017 17:17 PM

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