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  • 5 Nights / 6 Days

  • Exploring Vietnam

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4.5/ 5

A first hand experience of what the Vietnamese people endured.

The Cu Chi Tunnels, although much sanitised and tidied up for the tourists, were an amazing place to visit. We met a veteran of the tunnels who had lost an arm and an eye to an anti-tank round. He... Read Full Review

Craig D ,Perth, Australia  on 23 Apr 2017 5:32 AM

A must see!

Went here with Les Rives on the speedboat, took just over one hour to get there. This is an absolute must. I learnt so much about the war and the Vietnamese people. Very informative and a... Read Full Review

claireser ,Leeds, United Kingdom  on 23 Apr 2017 4:14 AM

Worth seeing but very crowed and rushed

We didn't realise that none of it was real and it was all replica of the tunnels. It is worth seeing to see the tunnels and you don't have to go through all of it if you are claustrophobic. There are... Read Full Review

adamfrance91 ,Manchester, United Kingdom  on 23 Apr 2017 4:03 AM

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