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  • 4 Nights / 5 Days

  • Exotic Bhutan

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4.0/ 5

Quick visit is sufficient

There is some strong cultural importance of the memorial in Bhutan, however a quick 10-15mins is usually sufficient here. I would recommend stopping by either on your way in or out of Thimphu and not... Read Full Review

Varun D ,India  on 09 Jan 2017 4:12 AM

An actively worshipped shrine

Not much for the tourist to see apart from the shrine seen on the picture. Many locals praying at the shrine by circumambulating.

rsanji ,Bangalore, India  on 09 Jan 2017 2:17 AM


While I agree with the previous reviewers that it need not be on the priority list, it was a wonderful experience all the same. There was a special religious event on the day we visited so it just... Read Full Review

RoshanGV ,Colombo, Sri Lanka  on 08 Jan 2017 3:42 AM

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