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  • 4 Nights / 5 Days

  • Exotic Bhutan

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4.0/ 5


There were lots of devotees circumambulating and chanting. We also saw some young men and women distributing free packet drinks to the devotees, very nice of them. A very peaceful and calming place.

VeronAng ,Singapore, Singapore  on 18 Apr 2017 4:22 AM


This is historic and peaceful place located at the central part of Thimphu. This is also a religious place and you see the older people praying there. You can see pigeons all around and the snow clad... Read Full Review

jaintarang11 ,Mumbai (Bombay), India  on 16 Apr 2017 4:18 AM

Monument of the past king

Seen on a wet rainy morning. Although a large structure the pathways are small. The main monument is closed from all sides. Steel collapsible gates make it difficult to see inside. May be worth... Read Full Review

Sennirmal ,Jaipur, India  on 15 Apr 2017 3:53 AM

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