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  • 2 Nights / 3 Days

  • Exciting Trip to Goa

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4.5/ 5

Nice and Beautiful Temple

Nice and Beautiful Temple in south goa. The temple is not very big and at times with loads of buses coming, one may find it crowded.

sypreddy ,Hyderabad, India  on 28 Nov 2016 11:34 AM

Decent, only go if you have extra time

Its a good temple, however nothing out of the ordinary. If you are tourist and not really into visiting temples than it can be easily avoided there are better attractions.

Koushlendra Y ,India  on 15 Nov 2016 1:16 AM

Shantha durga temple

located in very nice scenic elevated location,historical temple, very clean and specious interiors,rituals are performed with sanctity by priests

DrSrinivas V ,Mangalore, India  on 13 Nov 2016 11:36 AM

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