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  • 13 Nights / 14 Days

  • Complete North India Tour

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4.0/ 5

Closed on Monday!

Impressive place but unfortunately closed on Mondays. You can view the fort through the rails. Not quite the same but better that nothing. There are lots of other places to see.

Valerie T ,Louth, United Kingdom  on 20 Jul 2017 10:18 AM


As a tourist you don't have to stand in the line. Go straight to the right counter. The fort itself is beautiful and big. In the museums it can be very hot and crowded.

midrangetravel ,Rotterdam, The Netherlands  on 20 Jul 2017 0:18 AM

Must see fort

The red dirt is a superb example of Indian forts. Make sure you find the foreigners queue when getting your ticket as much much faster and also when you enter the fort you have your own queue... Read Full Review

Simon R ,Shrewsbury, United Kingdom  on 19 Jul 2017 16:53 PM

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