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  • 2 Nights / 3 Days

  • City Tour of Bangalore

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4.0/ 5

It's a good place for your entire family

It's a very good large place with clean and we'll maintain by the authorities You can spend whole day seeing different kinds of plants trees and various types of flowers it's good for elderly... Read Full Review

Mohammed A ,null  on 23 Feb 2017 13:29 PM

Botanical Garden

It's a big garden, to be enjoyed with hole family & friends, public attractions are flower show & mango shows, but only kept in seasons, mangoes &flowers from all over india displayed there

Purshottam G ,Bengaluru, India  on 23 Feb 2017 9:19 AM

happy lungs

become more healthier fresh mind young body . place of oxygen barrel of the bengalore. it feels each day visit every day morning is too good to see flora fauna.

MURALIDHARAKR ,Bengaluru, India  on 23 Feb 2017 6:55 AM

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