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  • 3 Nights / 4 Days

  • Cairns in Australia

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Based on 396 Reviews

4.0/ 5

Everything we hoped it would be.

This came as part of a "package" organized by a tour group including the train and sky rail. All in all the whole day was great, but Rainforestation was amazing. Wife and son took a pic holding a... Read Full Review

Jay B ,Kailua-Kona, Hawaii  on 18 Apr 2017 6:38 AM


Went on the Army Duck,Brendon our guide was informative and also threw a bit of humor in as well.The tour is 80% land and 20% in the water BUT don't let that put you off. A good 45 minute tour which... Read Full Review

Terry M ,Brisbane, Australia  on 11 Apr 2017 2:41 AM

Enjoyable Day in the Rainforrest

The clue is in the name, Rain Forrest. Now expect rain in a rain forrest, in fact when in Cairns expect rain. The American tourists surrounding me on the Army Duck Boat whinged and moaned constantly... Read Full Review

ds00044724 ,Oxford, United Kingdom  on 09 Apr 2017 1:10 AM

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