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4.5/ 5

good food court

Standard large SE Asian mall with numerous wildly overpriced stores. Food court not bad tho. Plenty of choice

EOCBrighton ,Brighton  on 26 May 2017 6:47 AM

The park and pools are great for kids

The park including pools and what may be one of the biggest free outdoor playgrounds in the world, is a great place to spend some time. Immaculately maintained and monitored by security, it offers a... Read Full Review

 ,Whangarei, New Zealand  on 26 May 2017 6:32 AM

Hugh shopping Centre

Lots of choices for shopping and food. But be careful about the valet service at the taxi stand. They will try to rip you off by getting a taxi for you and usually ask you to pay around MYR30-45... Read Full Review

Mrs K ,Hong Kong, China  on 26 May 2017 5:07 AM

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