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  • 4 Nights / 5 Days

  • Best of Dubai - Ferrari World

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Based on 8967 Reviews

4.5/ 5

Absolutely Beautiful view , amazing afternoon tea.

We booked the afternoon tea at the restaurant in the Burj Al Arab, so we got a fantastic view of the surrounding area. We went during the holidays and everything was beautifully decorated (they had... Read Full Review

Vcwcpa ,null  on 22 Jun 2017 14:33 PM

Nice scene

Come at evening and enjoy the scene, it is a great place to set and enjoy but not during summer. I am talking about out of the place and if you want to go deep just check your pocket First and make... Read Full Review

Faisalalmatar ,null  on 22 Jun 2017 11:55 AM

Top hotel but not perfect

Stayed 2nights in this top hotel from Dubai, an icon. Great reception from hostesses. Excellent service from house maid to butler, perfect service and food in the restaurants. Regretfully the... Read Full Review

JohnvanH61 ,Dubai, United Arab Emirates  on 22 Jun 2017 6:46 AM

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