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  • 3 Nights / 4 Days

  • Andaman Splash

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4.5/ 5

Sacrifices of our freedom fighters

An eye opening look at the great sacrifices made by our freedom fighters and the price they had to pay for our independence. Sad to see how inhuman the rulers were. A must for generations. Just... Read Full Review

krs123mumbai ,mumbai  on 19 Feb 2017 7:57 AM


Place takes you back to British Era. Found this to be the only place till now, that jolts you from inside and one automatically folds his/her hands and bows in respect to our freedom fighters... !! Read Full Review

Alok-Sharma ,Bangalore  on 18 Feb 2017 13:14 PM

Good historical place known as Kalapani

This was known as Kalapani in history.It is a must visit place in portblair. Generally It is included in the sightseeing package.You need around 1 hr to explore it fully including the... Read Full Review

ARout32 ,Bhubaneswar, India  on 18 Feb 2017 12:06 PM

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