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  • 11 Nights / 12 Days

  • Amazing USA

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4.5/ 5


Spectacular place. Spectacular View. A must visit place you really need to go if you haven't gone the bridge the wildlife Everything Is Beautiful

Mike H ,Columbia, Missouri  on 01 Dec 2016 14:36 PM

Iconic bridge views

The bridge is spectacular and its surroundings are impressive. The north side has a number of amazing lookouts and easy parking and access to walk / bike onto the bridge. Beautiful at sunset.

Cat_9079 ,Memphis, Tennessee  on 01 Dec 2016 2:01 AM


we were lucky and saw this magnificent bay with no fog. It was clear as could be. There were cruise ships and smaller boats and touring vessels and you can see Alcatraz

Susan R ,Irvine, California  on 30 Nov 2016 18:37 PM

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