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  • 2 Nights / 3 Days

  • Alleppey HouseBoat

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Based on 894 Reviews

4.0/ 5

Average beach

The beach is good and clean but the crowd is mostly local. There is an old rusted bridge structure which adds to the beauty of the beach. Very ordinary shops at the beach. Can spend half an hour max.

Pawan P ,null  on 02 Dec 2016 12:12 PM

Nice beach

Took a long stroll along an almost deserted beach except for a few locals and the fishermen getting ready for another days work. Felt like it way "my beach" for an hour or so.

gottatravelguy ,Calgary, Canada  on 29 Nov 2016 9:23 AM

Dirty Beach !

The beach here is dirty and crowded .One can see the remains of an old bridge constructed during the British era .We stayed in Palm Bach Resort which is just a 5 min walk along the sea shore .It is... Read Full Review

Rohith P ,null  on 29 Nov 2016 5:08 AM

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