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Bangkok Tourism

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It is said to be most enigmatic city in South East Asia. It is known for rich modernity and traditional clash. If you are visiting for first time, you will astonish by seeing the billboard covered skyscrapers and concrete canyons. Traditional Thai culture will be found all around the city. Its urban copiousness of smell, sights, sounds and tastes is hard to forget.

Bangkok brilliantly balances between the profane, the esoteric and the expensive. The underwater system and high-pitched clean sky train help the majority of metropolis to move from one place to another. Shopping centers, museums, river trips and nightlife of Bangkok will give you a Far Eastern town experience. Despite ongoing martial law, political turmoil, military coup and summer months in Bangkok, it remains as the best safest city in the world.

Bangkok Tourism - Best Places to Visit in Bangkok :
Two hundred years ago, Bangkok established as a port community and small trading center on the banks of Chao Phraya River. Now, the city is equal with modern trends but the glory and grandeur of its memorable past remains. Whether it is colorful Chinatown, famous floating market in the world, spectacular palaces or dazzling temples, each place has interesting stories behind.

Floating Market :
The floating market is filled with tropical vegetables and fruits. You can get ready to drink fresh coconut juice, local Thai foods cooked and serve on the boat. If you want to enjoy best experience, never think about the price. Try to take a boat tour with the help of a local guide. Floating market is available at DamnoenSaduak, ThaKha, Bang Ku Wiang Market, and Taling Chan Market.

Affordable Bangkok Packages by Visiit Tour Operator :
Nightlife in Bangkok is amazing. It has highly developed over the years emphasizing on hip cocktail bars, lively nightclubs and swanky rooftop bars. Thai’s capital offer much more than your expectations like adult themed fun like Soi Cowboy, Nana and Patpong.

Bangkok Sightseeing Tour :
The party scene cannot be ignored since SoiRambuttri and Khao San Road is popular for nightlife and party. Across Thonglor, a new trendy bar is opened every week. Bangkok has numerous choice and big names like Silom, Sukhumvit and RCA superclubs is always packed with locals and tourists every night.

Rattanakosin - Bangkok’s old city :
It is located north of China town. At Rattankosin, you will find the most revered and spectacular historical attractions of Bangkok. It not only has rich history but also intrinsic with shimmering, spike designed eye candy on every corner.

Best of Bangkok City Tours :
Some of the sights you should visit as part of your Bangkok holiday package are RoyalGrand Palace, traditional learning centers like WatMahathat and Wat Pho, historical park of Bangkok – SanamLuang, National Gallery and overwhelming attractiveness of WatPhraKaew. SanamLuang is renowned for important Buddhist and Royal ceremonies.

If you are travelling to Buddhist temples, you have to be covered up and never rise your soles at Buddhist icons. You need to remove your shoes while entering. Visiit Travel Agency offers affordable Bangkok tour packages from Ranchi, Nagpur, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Chat with our travel agents for more details.

Bangkok Packages

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Shopping Until You Run Out of Funds in Bangkok

One of the most popular activities in Bangkok is shopping, which is extremely affordable in the area. You should also make certain that you have plenty of free time to explore with your Bangkok holiday packages. Also, ensure that there are numerous trips to the museums and even a trip to their amazing aquarium while you are there.

Enjoying Nature :
When you book your Bangkok holiday trip packages make sure that you pick what you want to do. There are many activities that you can enjoy that involve nature while you are here, including visiting their gorgeous aquarium. Also, you can take a boat ride down the Chao Phraya River or sit and people watch at Lumpini Park. No matter what you want to do, you can do it here.

Museums and Historical Sites :
You should make sure that you visit the Bangkok National Museum while you are here to experience the history of the area. Most of the Bangkok holiday packages will have this included, but it if isn’t, then make sure to head there alone. You should also visit the house of Jim Thompson, which he owned and designed while he was alive. The house is a museum and there are also gorgeous gardens and a huge fish pond to enjoy.

No matter if you are planning your vacation alone or with others, then there is plenty for your to enjoy and to experience. You can take in plenty of nature while you are here, whether in a park or on the river. You can find the best Bangkok holiday trip packages from VISIIT Tours.

Bangkok is a biggest city with more than nine million people. It may take time for visitors to get accustomed to its naughty nightlife, intense heat and heavy traffic congestion. Do not judge about Bangkok within first impression. It is a cosmopolitan city of Asia with vibrant nightlife, extensive canals, great shopping malls and magnificent palaces and temples. It has something unique for all kinds of traveler. Here listing some of the best tourist places in Bangkok.

Major Tourist Attractions in Bangkok

Wat Prakeaw :
Wat Phra Kaew is located within the Grand Palace. It is the most famous and holy temple of Thailand. It is also said to be a residence to popular Emerald Buddha. You can see a beautiful jade statue decorated in gold clothing.

Grand Palace :
Grand Palace was built in the year 1782. It was used as a residence for Kings of Thailand until King Ananda Mahidol died mysteriously in 1946. Bhumidol Adulyadej brother of King Anand Mahidol moved his residence to Chitralada Palace after his brother’s death. At present, Grand Palace is the major tourist spot of Bangkok. When you go for a trip to Bangkok, you should include Grand Palace in your itinerary.

Bangkok tourism packages can be purchased for honeymoon, vacation, team outings or holiday trips. It is affordable and easily available throughout the year. Moreover, the cost of flight tickets to Bangkok is reasonable. You do not have to spend much or hurt your pocket to plan this trip.

Wat Pho :
Recllining Buddha temple is situated in Wat Pho. When you enter you can see a large statue of reclining Buddha. It is the largest temple in Bangkok Thailand. It is constructed almost 200 years ago. It was when Bangkok was announced as capital of Thailand. It is the oldest temple in Thailand. Wat Pho is one of the major Bangkok attractions since it has the highest number of Buddha pictures in Thailand and has the largest image of reclining Buddha in Thailand. The statue of reclining Buddha is gold plated and measures 15 meters high and 46 meters long.

CentralWorld :
It was established in 1990. It is an eight floor middle class shopping complex. It is constructed in competition to Siam Paragon upper class market. Though certain major shops got affected in 2010 fire accident, the building went on for renovation and remain open for shopping. If you wish to do some shopping in Bangkok, you need to check out CentralWorld.

The shopping mall has more than 100 cafes and restaurants, 500 stores, Learning Center, Kids’ Zone, trendy food court, two major departmental stores, a large outdoor area for conducting New Year parties, expansive supermarket and 15 cinemas. It is sure when you visit this mall you will find Bangkok shopping experience unforgettable for years.

Wat Arun :
It is the oldest and popular Bangkok tourist attractions. It is located adjacent to Thonburi of Chao Phraya River. The architecture of the temple resembles Mount Meru, which is said to be middle of universe as per Buddhist cosmology. It is called by its nickname Temple of Dawn. You can visit the temple in evenings so that you can witness beautiful setting of the sun behind.

When you purchase Bangkok honeymoon package, you would be covering most of Bangkok attractions. Moreover, Bangkok is best for honeymoon travel. Cheap Bangkok packages can be booked via online.

Shopping in Bangkok :
No matter, you wish to purchase a pair of old-fashioned Levis or a Moroccan lamp, the best place to do shopping in Bangkok is Chatuchak Market. It is the world’s largest market. It is located in a large area of about 35 acres with about 8000 stalls. The first time shoppers may not know what to buy or how to buy. As the market is classified into sections, you can use guide and purchase your favorite things accordingly. It is one of the famed places to see in Bangkok. So, when you plan for Bangkok tours ensure to add this activity in your itinerary.

Bangkok famous place-China Town :
China Town in Bangkok is famous for hectic shopping and amazing street foods. It is totally packed with numerous gold shops, restaurants and market stalls. It extends till 1 Kilometer. It is best to visit China Town in February that is at the time of Chinese New Year. You will see China Town in its best form.

Asiatique :
If you want to enjoy a true eclectic combination of Bangkok, you need to visit the riverside entertainment complex – Asiatique. There is a large Ferris wheel, numerous selection of restaurants, cabaret shows, night market and more than 1500 shops.

Nightlife in Bangkok :
Bangkok is an excellent place for massive party clubs and wild night parties. In recent years, it is slightly changed. The closing time for Bangkok nightclubs and pubs is 2.00 AM. Thais usually visit more intimate and smaller venues. You cannot see numerous big clubs. However, there are numerous places for clubbing, dancing and drinking. Ce La Vi is the hottest and happening nightclub in Bangkok. It is a stylish and trendy nightclub. It features 2 nightclubs and 7 themed bars. Bangkok nightlife can be experienced by visiting this club. Some popular Bangkok nightclubs are Slim/Flix, Lava Gold, Insanity Night Club, Q Bar, Sugar Club, Grease, and Onyx Bangkok.

If you are wondering what to do in Bangkok, you should know about the events and festivals. Bangkok is sensational, intriguing, cosmopolitan and vibrant. It is the commercial and cultural center favoring for visitors and residents, old and young with excellent blend of parties, events, activities and several happenings. You can witness something special every day ranging from bizarre art installations, sumptuous food festivals, colorful temple fairs, spectacular stage productions and fabulous sales exhibitions. Here listing Bangkok’s exciting festivals and events. It is recommended to purchase Bangkok trip package during festive season.

Songkran :
It is celebrated for a week on the month of April. It is the hottest month in Thailand. During Songkran, Bangkok changes into traffic free and mysteriously empty city. The entire citizens take part in friendly water quarrels. Most often, the top targets are businessmen and tourists. It is celebrated between April 13 and 15 and the celebrations last for one entire week. It is the occasion for annual house cleaning, temple visits and family re-unions. It is simple to book 3 star and budget hotels in Bangkok. You can also book via online.

The King’s Birthday :
During this day, you can see the adoration and love of Thai people for their ruler as he has been the ruler of Thailand from 1946. Large fireworks will displayed in traditional and impressive style. The entire streets will be decorated to honor the rule. It is celebrated on December 5 every year. If you are purchasing Bangkok holiday packages, ensure to buy in the month of December. When you purchase in combinations like Bangkok Pattaya package or Bangkok Phuket tour package, you can get at best deals.

Chinese New Year :
It is a week celebration takes place in January. This day unites Thai and Chinese people. As part of Bangkok city tour, when you stop at China Town, you can find firework shows, acrobat performances and traditional dragon parades. The Thai and Chinese consider this week for celebration and rest. Most businesses will remain closed on that entire week.

Other popular festivals in Bangkok include Loy Krathong, Christmas and International Festival of Dance and Music. Make your Bangkok trip memorable by planning your vacation during any of these events.

Bangkok remains humid and hot all over the year. The climate of Bangkok is tropical monsoon. It is an excellent vacation place, which you visit any time of the year. The city is enchanting and best in all months. Every season remains special and distinct in its own way. It is best to travel between the months of November and March. It is the peak season to visit Bangkok. You will see tourist in most places. As it is peak season, the cost of Bangkok tour package can be expensive. It is recommended to check with your travel agent before booking.

The hottest months in Bangkok are March, April and May. The scotching heat may make you tired but still you have lot of options to enjoy and relax. Thai New Year is celebrated in one of these months. You can enjoy the festive spirit and cheer. You may also witness sudden rain during these months. It is recommended to indulge in mall shopping, boat cruises and simple lounge by pool. Ensure to carry a hat and sunglass when traveling to Bangkok during these months.

The low season is from May to October. It is the best time to travel since you can get vacation packages to Bangkok Thailand for cheap price. Moreover, you can obtain best deals on excursions and hotels. Due to frequent rains, the travelers can indulge in indoor activities like temple visiting, aquarium visits, shopping, entertainment complexes and sightseeing in Bangkok.

Bangkok is a colorful, culture-rich and chaotic metropolis. It is the first city that comes to mind when you want to visit Thailand. It is an excellent place to explore and discover. It fascinates the travelers in each and every way. There are numerous weekend destinations for travelers who wish to trip ahead of Bangkok boundary. Moreover, the bus, plane and train tickets are affordable and you can choose those option to visit nearby getaways.

There are two airports in Bangkok and it is well connected to all parts of the world. The main airport in Bangkok is Suvarnabhumi Airport. It means ‘Golden Land’. It is said to be the busiest airport in South East Asia. Moreover, Suvarnabhumi Airport is used for domestic and international purposes. It was opened to public in 2006. It is the largest solo terminal airport in the world. It is situated in East direction at a distance of 25-30 kilometers from the city. It is well connected to the main city by taxis, Airport Rail Link and buses. Airport Rail Link is a fastest train that services throughout downtown Bangkok.

The oldest airport in Bangkok is Don Muang Airport. It is situated in the North side of the city. It was reestablished in 2007. Don Muang Airport is used by two major airlines that is One Two Go and Nok Air airlines.

Bangkok is also connected by rail. It has four stations. They are Wong Wien Yai, Thonburi Train Station, Bang Sue Train Station and Hualumpong station.

The main train station of Bangkok is Hualumpong. It is situated in the main area of the city. It is simple to access from Silom, Sukhvit areas, riverside and Chinatown. It is comfortable and affordable to travel in trains in Bangkok. You can travel throughout the country in train and save considerable amount.

Most people worry about the Bangkok trip cost. If you choose travel options like train instead of taxi, you can easily tour Bangkok in reasonable cost. There are numerous places and things to see in Bangkok. Ensure to buy Bangkok packages that covers all important places. Nowadays, there are numerous cheap Bangkok packages and Phuket packages easily available.

Getting Around Bangkok :
It may be tough for tourists to travel around Bangkok without assistance. You would find traffic jams most times and it is severe in Bangkok. It is best to hire a car if you want to go for sightseeing or travel around. There are several car rental agencies in Bangkok. Carry a Bangkok travel map so that you can find and visit various interesting places in Bangkok. When you book travel packages like Bangkok Pattaya tour package or Bangkok Phuket package, the travel agency would arrange for accommodation, sightseeing, transportation and food.

Where to Stay in Bangkok?
There are numerous hotels, service apartments and rooms available in Bangkok. When you enquire with your tour agent, they would arrange for a best place to stay in Bangkok.

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